instrumental set: photos

1. free improv set: mini-table (actual preferred setup, 2012-3 on): amplified table with contact mike and guitar pickup, eq and compression pedals, kaoss pad, mixer + line feedback channel, objects and toys, volume pedal.

2. But it was not always like this. It got through several designs prior. From 2008 to 2009, first some toys, a contact mike and laptop. Then, circuit bended stuff and random objects. A table and a desire to order stuff. Then another table, bigger, with contact mikes glued and “musical traps”. And a smaller prototype, just a table with a contact mike, in 2010, leading to 2011 mini-table but without the right combination.

3. But in midst of this, there was the bigger and wooden-heavier Tábua Mobile, with Marcelo Muniz (2010-1). It was kept in his house, till we decided to give it a try again and then finally burn it.

Photo Credits: (1.1) by Priscila Montana; (2.4) by Eduardo Claro; (2.6) by Milena Nallin; all other photos by Henrique Iwao. Thanks to Borys Duque for woodworking.